class schedule


Teen/adult Jazz funk
Tammie’s signature class. A fusion of jazz, hip hop & Latin choreography, combined with high
 energy r&b and hip hop music. A cardio workout like no other!
Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am 

Intermediate Jazz/Funk:
Same choreography as the teen adult jazz funk just made easier. Great intro class.
Wednesday 10am

Cardio dance:
 Funky, jazzy choreography that’s easy to follow and so much fun you’ll wonder where the hour went!
Wednesday 6:30pm & Saturday 8:30am 

Cardio Moves Boot Camp:
Utilizing the hiit method (High intensity interval training) this class incorporates intervals of high intenisty cardio with plyometrics, push ups, lunges  squats etc. and abdominal work. 
Sunday 9am,

Pre-teen Hip Hop/Funk
Ages 9-12
Friday 3:30

Teen Hip Hop/Funk
Age 12-16
Saturday 10am

Teen Boot Camp

Ages 13-17
Thursday at 6pm

Please email at 
 or call to reserve your first class
(201) 567-4040

 Drop in-$25   10 classes -$190   20 classes- $360


Weightlifting for Women & Teens: 
 Learn the right way to lift weights emphasizing proper technique and progression
so you’ll no longer “just do it”
Wednesday 7:30pm & Monday at 5:30pm
10 sessions $320


Highly successful athletes know that the next season begins in the weight room. Strength is essential
 in the development of power, speed, quickness and agility and the cornerstone of any performance
enhancement program.

Donnelly, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)/Olympic Style weightlifting coach with 25 years of experience will teach your athlete the fundamentals of weightlifting. This program will improve athletic performance, instill greater confidence and help prevent injury.

 Tuesday & Thursday 3:30 pm

 8 weeks

1 x per week-$255

2 x per week-$480





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